Forrest Whitaker and his alleged look alike brother… Not!!!!!!

Forrest Whitaker on the Right, and Forrest Whitaker on the left
Forrest Whitaker and little brother Damon Whitaker
The real Kenn Whitaker



So there is a story going around that Forrest Whitaker has a brother that looks just like him. Now there are two issues with this story, one the two people look identical and are not twins and the second issue is I had no clue. Reports are claiming that the two men are actually two years apart, however they look just alike. When I first heard the rumor I was shocked because I could not believe that I never knew about this alleged brother. I am a Forrest Whitaker fan and there is no way that this could have gotten by me like that. Now don’t get me wrong I understand that some family members of the elite don’t desire to be in the spotlight, which is understandable, however just popping out of nowhere like a Ninja is unheard of. After doing my own research, I saw a few Wikipedia pages and the likes, but I still wasn’t convinced. Anyone can add to those pages so I had to dig a little further. I felt like Colombo because I needed to know for sure that I was not going crazy, Lol!  So after I researched I finally found the real Kenn Whitaker and although there is a resemblance he does not look like Forrest Whitaker’s clone. I don’t know who started this rumor or why, but some people have way too much time on their hands. I’m not even sure if they are brothers because I don’t see them in any photos with the legendary actor. I do know that Forrest has a brother name Damon Whitaker who is also an actor but Kenn is not in one picture with Forrest or his family that I can find. Child I tell you, I stayed up late trying to figure this thing out because it bothered me so bad not knowing.   LMBO!!!!!!