Friday Morning Inspiration: Guard your peace!!!!!!!!!

Your only goal in life is to be better than you were yesterday and to live  your best life. Anything that compromise any part of that should be eliminated. You do not owe anyone your peace, that belongs to you. So often we allow people and situations to disrupt our lives in the most unimaginable way and then we are upset with the outcome when we allowed it to happen. Your peace and sanity are your sole responsibility and it’s up too you to protect it all cost. Stop allowing people to drain you of the very things that you need to sustain in life. You deserve to be happy and you deserve to have positive people pouring into you as you pour into them.  You can’t expect to get this from someone who has no clue on what peace is or there is all hell breaking loose within them.  That is like expecting a chicken to produce milk, it’s not going to happen. I don’t care who or what it is, if it is costing you your peace then that means it, or them must go!  You deserve to be happy, you deserve to have a clear mind to manifest the things you want and desire. When we’re at peace our thought process is clear, we can view things in a different light, we’re able to cope with things in a positive way. When we’re at peace we are able to rest, and we are less likely to become distracted. Hold on and guard your peace because without it you only hurt yourself. Your peace is everything, your peace is the reason you smile when things are not perfect. Your peace is the song in your heart when only you can hear the melody. Your peace is your shield of protection in the eye of the storm. Your peace is yours and yours alone!!! Never give up your peace for anyone!  I hope and pray that you all have the most amazing day! Remember my loves continue to create the life that you want!

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