Morning inspiration… “You can’t grow in a broken place”!

I often talk to you all about getting over hurt and pain because there are so many of us living in adulthood and have yet to surpass childhood because something has hurt you so bad that it’s keeping you from evolving into the adult you! Just because you have aged and swept whatever has happened under the rug does not mean that you are over it. Just because you are functioning in your adult life on the surface does not mean that you are healed underneath. Just because you smile does not mean that your soul is not crying. The only thing that’s happening right now is that you are existing and not living.

I see so many adults who have yet to evolve not because of financial status or education but because they have not dealt with whatever that has broken them to the core. I’m talking about that thing that keeps you up at night, that thing that makes you angry to think about or that thing that takes you to a dark place. You may speak about it but have not found a way to deal with or handle it, so you don’t. Growth does not come from age but progress and transparency. Being transparent means you must be open and honest about who and what has stopped you from growing and going to the next level of your life.

Accepting that whatever took place has happened and knowing that you are not at fault for what or who has hurt you. You also must forgive yourself for beating yourself up and allowing that thing to condemn you. Once you have carved out the details stop revisiting the bad space and build a new foundation to stand on. Being able to create for yourself new boundaries and positive energy is very important to be able to move forward in life. You will forever be stuck in the womb if you don’t cut the cord to the mess that surrounded you from before. You are not there, you did not deserve it and you are not to blame. Forgive them and most importantly learn to forgive yourself. We are living in a world filled with so many broken people that are trying to heal each other but have know clue on how to heal themselves. It’s time to tell the younger you, the hurt and broken you that you must let them go so you can grow. I hope that each and everyone of you have an amazing day and remember you can create the life that you desire!






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