Heroic mother saves daughter life on Mother’s day before tragically passing away from her injuries.

Diane and Jenna Aluska


For one family mother’s day will never be the same. A mother and daughter were walking out of a bakery in Lindenhurst, Long Island after attending mass and the unthinkable happened. An 80 year old woman thought that she had placed her car in drive when in fact she had the car geared in reverse. Unable to stop the car the 80 year old was on an unstoppable path toward the mother and daughter duo. According to eye witnesses the 55 year old mother Diane Aluska jumped quick into action and pushed her daughter out of the way. Although the car hit both mother and daughter before crashing into a fire station, unfortunately the mother did not survive. The daughter was listed in stable condition after the horrific accident but was not informed right away that her mother didn’t make it. According to sources although the accident is being investigated the elderly driver will not be charged. This is such a sad and heart breaking story to report. Our hearts and prayers goes out to the Aluska family during this difficult time.


Bring Back Our Girls!

Missing girls

I have noticed how silent the media has become regarding the missing teenagers. According to News one more than 64,000 girls have gone missing since 2014. However the mayor of DC, Muriel Bowser believes that the attention by social media has ignited the stories of the missing teenagers and according to the mayor there isn’t a rise in regards to the missing children.  I would like to think that 64,000 is an alarming number of girls missing since 2014 and the public should be made aware. It really baffles me how nonchalant that some seem to be in regards to these missing girls. The majority of the girls that are missing are African American and Latino.  I hate to pull the race card, but would urgency of finding the young girls be more of a priority if they were Caucasian? There has to be a reason that there is not much coverage on the matter, outside of social media.  It really has me wondering if there’s something bigger going on that is being covered up. This growing epidemic is not only in Virginia and Dc but Atlanta and New York as well. There is no secret that there is an alarming rise in human trafficking throughout the world which leads me to believe that the missing girls are tied into this horrific act some way. Allegedly in March of this year a cargo was found in Savanna Georgia filled with young black girls. According to sources such claims have yet to be verified. After the report and a simple response by the media nothing else has been said about the alleged claim. So again I have to ask “why are we so silent?” I have heard several officials talk about the girls are not missing but are considered runaways. Frankly that’s a load of crap to me and honestly just an excuse! Even if the girls ran away, they’re still under aged and they matter as well! I can no longer be quiet and demand answers, plain and simple Bring our girls back!