Wishing the Late but great Luther Vandross a Happy 67th Birthday!!!!!!!!

It’s hard to believe that Luther Vandross has been gone for 13 years! His voice will forever be embedded our hearts! His voice could be compared to a quiet whisper that would warm your heart and calm your soul at the same time. He owned his sound and never missed a beat when he delivered each and every melodic tune. Not only was he a talented singer but he also was a song writer and producer. Delivering hits such as Never Too Much, Here and Now, If This World Were Mind and the list goes on. Winning 8 Grammy’s and selling more than 35 million albums throughout his career, Luther Vandross accomplished so much on his journey. When he passed on July 1, 2005 the world mourned and the earth was silent. It’s hard to believe that he is no longer with us in the physical. He will forever be the best to ever do it! We are singing all the way to the pearly gates, Happy Birthday Luther Vandross!

What is your Favorite Luther Vandross Song?


One of our favorite Luther Songs!

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  1. Nice tribute! I love the pics and love me some Luther. No other voice compares to his…he was truly one of a kind! My favorite Luther songs are Here & Now, Never Too Much, If This World Were Mine and So Amazing. R.I.P. Luther ❤️

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